Noah's Ark Pet Sitting


Pet Sitting/ Potty Breaks / Walks

Your dog is a member of the family and misses you when you are gone.  Noah's Ark Pet Sitting provides comfort and companionship to your dog while you are away.  We keep your dog on its regular feeding and walking schedule so as to reduce the stress of you being away.

Are you a working parent?  Does your canine companion need potty breaks and/or walks during the day?  No problem.  Noah's Ark Pet Sitting offers these services on a flexible basis.  I have many clients who are First Responders and they often have little control over their schedule.  Noah's Ark is available on short notice keeping the flow of life at a normal pace for your dog.    

Skipper (Aussie/ Kelpie cross)

Skipper's mom is a firefighter with Sacramento Metro Fire.  Her hours varied on a regular basis and she needed a pet sitter with the flexibility to start pet sitting at a moments notice.  I was able to meet that need and for 10 years of his life Skipper graced me with his presence.  We spent so much time together.  Skipper was like on of my own.  Sadly, we lost Skipper last year.

Violet (Cavalier King Charles)

Violet came to me as a ten week old puppy not yet potty trained.  Her mom is a pharmacist and worked ten hour shifts out of town.  She needed multiple visits four days a week.  As part of her care I took her with me on many of personal errands to socialize her.  She grew up to be a very well adjusted "take her anywhere" dog.  She is so adorable that everywhere we went people melted when they saw her.  Violet and her mom moved to San Rafael.

Ripley (Black Labrador Retriever)

My first dog walking client was Ripley.  She was a rambunctious black Lab that came from the Bay Area.  Because she was a Lab we immediately headed to water only to find out that she was afraid to go into the water and swim.  I ran home and got my Lab Xena and headed back to the water.  Ripley followed Xena into the water and quickly learned her purpose and priority in life.  Sadly when we got home, her dad thought she stunk and gave her a bath.  Over the years I was allowed to let her be a lab.  Although she had to endure many a bath, I believe she thought it was worth it.  Ripley is no longer with us, but her exuberant spirit lives on.

Ripley in disguise as a Dalmation. 

Could you tell it was her?                                                              I cheer for Noah's Ark Pet Sitting!!

Noah's Ark?  Oh!  Why didn't you say so?!