Noah's Ark Pet Sitting

Equine/ Horse Care

My Passion is horses.  I have 18 years of experience caring for horses particularly senior horses with special needs.

I love to take on project horses with "three hooves in the grave" and restore their liveliness, spirit and health. Some of the horses I've rescued have been Cushionoid, laminitic, insulin resistant, had ulcers and a history of colic.

I am familiar with their special husbandry needs and work closely with my vet to provide a healthy and happy retirement.

Some were undernourished and the road back to good health was just good nutrition as well as the proper supplements.


Often referred to as the "Pitchfork Princess," I offer stall cleaning services as well as administering medications, blanketing, fly masks, fly spray, hoof cleaning, and of course supplements and feeding.

Noah's Ark?  Oh!  Why didn't you say so?!