Cattle are some of my favorite animals.  My grandfather had cattle and I really enjoyed helping care for them.  I loved their mooing for breakfast at the crack of dawn.  I adored the calves as they drank from the pails with nipples.  As each calf finished its bucket, it would turn to the next calf and suck on its ear.  When they were all done they were all turned the same way nursing on their neighbor's ear like they were performing some fancy bovine Rockette choreography.  Like many, I'm sure, I can't drive past cattle without saying, "Moo!"

I've worked as a ranch hand to offset the cost of training my horse.  I loved riding on he back of the quad and throwing hay to the cattle as they ran behind us.  

Buffalo?  Why not - I'll try anything once!

Noah's Ark?  Oh!  Why didn't you say so?!

Noah's Ark Pet Sitting